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Carmen M. from MINNEAPOLIS wrote on 8 December 2021
The shoes are beautiful and are excellent, comfortable walking shoes. I expect they will become my primary shoes for travel. I wore them for the first time today. I received compliments and questions about how to get them! Although this model of shoe is sold in the US, the beautiful petrol color (a teal green) is not available in stores in the US. I’m so glad I thought to check the manufacturer’s website and order from there to get this great color.
06606 Why - Colour: 11880 petrol nubuck
Fabienne S. from SAINT PETERSBURG wrote on 24 October 2021
Shoe is not a good fit, will be returning
01657 Diana - Colour: 11800 blue nubuck
Cheryl V. from McCordsville wrote on 13 October 2021
These shoes are cute and comfortable right out of the box. The toe box is wide enough to have room for all of my toes without cutting off the little toe. They are also well supported in the arch area, as I have flat feet.
01657 Diana - Colour: 11800 blue nubuck
mrs Margaret B. from Kilkenny wrote on 1 October 2021
Very good fit, would recommend Quality excellent.
06606 Why - Colour: 11505 darkred nubuckleather
Linda T. from HEXHAM wrote on 7 April 2021
These boots are comfortable and supportive and look good as well.
06606 Why - Colour: 11800 blue nubuck
Linda S. from THATCHAM wrote on 28 November 2020
Comfortable from the off - for dog walking in very muddy woods!
06505 Traction WP - Colour: 16000 black nubuck
Louise W. from BASINGSTOKE wrote on 29 October 2020
Love the boots. Style, comfort and made are great. Have bought several Wolky products and have always been delighted with them.
06612 Whynot - Colour: 16000 black nubuck
Jane P. from VICTORIA wrote on 20 October 2020
Walking. Would have appreciated a note on how to clean nubuck.
06606 Why - Colour: 11505 darkred nubuckleather
Charlotte S. from SACKVILLE wrote on 14 August 2020
The boot's inner tongue chafes my foot so i will return it. This is where the waterproof membrane joins the lining and is likely unavoidable.I prefer to live without W.P. if this is the case.
06500 City Tracker WP - Colour: 30000 black leather
from wrote on 3 August 2020
Great, stable boot. Please indicate that they fit large, maybe to accommodate a HEAVY sock. Bring back COLOURS please in smooth leather.
06500 City Tracker WP - Colour: 30000 black leather
Susie C. from WOODBRIDGE wrote on 16 January 2020
Good quality and although not worn I think will be very comfortable
06606 Why - Colour: 11000 black nubuck
Wendy B. from SWANSEA wrote on 8 October 2019
I stand all day in my job and they’re fantastic no aching feet.
06606 Why - Colour: 11000 black nubuck
Mary S. from PHILADELPHIA wrote on 6 October 2019
This boot looks to have serious bad weather cred. Am a city dweller & can see this Wolky City Tracker getting me around Philly, regardless of weather.Excited to give it a try. Stay tuned.
06500 City Tracker WP - Colour: 30210 anthracite leather
Gill W. from BUNGAY wrote on 11 May 2019
Excellent quality
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 11800 blue stretch nubuck
Andy C. from WINKLEIGH wrote on 1 June 2016
I bought the city slicker boots for a trip to Polland in October. I wanted a product that would look good in wine bars and would support my body in comfort walking around as I have slipped a disk recently and I have found Wolky shoes to be light yet very effective at cushioning the step. The boots are no exception - Well done Wolky! I can also wear Wolky shoes without any wearing in - They are comfortable from opening the box!
06500 City Tracker WP - Colour: 30300 brown leather
miss Maria M. from Northwood, IOW wrote on 26 July 2014
Good quality shoes
08361 Mokola - Colour: 50000 black leather