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How are the heel height and shaft width measured?

The heel height is indicated on every article card. With boots the shaft circumference and the shaft height is also indicated on the card. All ladies’ shoes have been measured with a size 38 as sample; for men’s shoes we’ve used a size 42. These measurements are merely an indicator to help you decide what shoes would fit your specific needs. These measurements might deviate depending on what size you choose.

Below you can find a short overview, explaining how we can measure the width and height of our heels and shafts.

Heel height

Measure from the back of the shoe, from the point where your heel touches the floor to where it ‘merges’ with the back-end of the shoe. Note that with recessed heels your measurements might seem a bit off, but remember that these heels provide an optical illusion of extra height. You can view the exact measurements on the article card. The article card will also mention when your selected shoe has a recessed heel.

Shaft height

To determine exactly where the boot ends below the knee we can measure the shaft height. The shaft is the upper part of the boot, from your ankle to the top of the boot. Measure from the top of the heel to the highest point of the backside of your boot. Note: The heel doesn’t add to the total height in these measurements!

Shaft circumference top

The circumference of the shaft is measured on the upper side of the boot. Remember that the material or finish of the boot is an important factor. E.g. when the boot’s upperside is lined with elastic material, even though the measurements do not account for this elasticity, the boot might still easily fit because the material can be stretched.

Shaft width

The shaft width is measured at the greatest measurable circumference around the shaft of the boot. This applies to mid-high and high boots, and is most often measured in the calves.