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Blog maternity and high heels

We recently saw a very pregnant Meghan Markle appear in public in high heels.

When you see the pregnancy photos of celebrities, heels are surprisingly common. No matter how big their belly grew; Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson were almost only spotted in heels. As far as we are concerned, the high heels would probably be better left in the wardrobe.

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Pregnant women gain weight and their posture changes, which changes the centre of gravity. This makes you walk differently and increases the chances of falling. 

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Muscle and back pain

Your body produces hormones that ensure that your joints and bands become more flexible. These hormones also affect the muscles in your lower legs, feet and ankles. If the muscles in your lower legs become weaker your feet can expand and the strength in your ankles can disappear. By wearing high heels you also put more pressure on the muscles in your lower back, which can cause muscle pain.

Unbalanced pelvis

The higher the heel, the more your body is pushed forward. When pregnant this will only be worse, meaning you have to be constantly leaning back to avoid falling over. This can unbalance your pelvis, resulting in pelvic instability.

Varicose veins

The more pressure being put on the muscles and vessels of the legs, increases the risk of developing varicose veins.

Pinching feet

It sounds crazy, but your feet can also grow a little during your pregnancy. This is often associated with (again those) hormones that are released into your body to relax your muscles. In addition, you are going to retain moisture so your feet and ankles are likely to swell. If you still try to push those feet into heels, it can be very uncomfortable.
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