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From the bottom up

Wolky stands for the long-lasting pleasure of a fashionable shoe with a recognizable design and comfort. 


Wolky is special both inside and out. Characteristic is the anatomically shaped (often removable) footbed but also the bottom; the soles.

Design and materials are what make Wolky soles exclusive.

We believe Wolkys should show their soles. The sole determines the shoe's overall profile. Wolky designs every sole themselves. That makes Wolky an exclusive shoe. 
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The variety of designs is wide, and the mould they make numerous.

8 moulds are made for every model; one for each size.

Now there are over 2,500 moulds worldwide. 

Features of the various Wolky soles:
EVA: Ultra lightweight / shock absorbing / flexible /energy absorbing
Polyurethane (PU): Lightweight / shock absorbing /energy absorbing /wear resistant / insulating
Rubber: Very flexible / wear resistant / durable / perfect for producing very detailed soles
Smartlite 660: Extremely wear resistant / Ultra lightweight / flexible and springy / complies with the European Eco label / energy absorbing
Technical Rubber (TR): Wear resistant / flexible / lightweight.
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