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Cleaning white shoes (soles)

Almost everyone has white shoes in his or her collection. They’re beautiful and white, ideal for a summer outfit. But how do you ensure that they look as good as new for as long as possible? 


Our tip actually applies to all shoe colours:

Spray your shoes before wearing them with a protection spray. These sprays protect and maintain the material against dirt and moisture.

The spray will save you a lot of trouble and if there is a stain you can easily wipe it away.


In case you still have a stain on your white shoes, you can clean the shoes perfectly with Sneaker White from Collonil and restore them easily back to white again.

This is also very useful for refreshing white sole edges. With the soft suede and nubuck block you can always remove small spots dry. 

In addition to the maintenance and cleaning products on our site, there are a lot of hacks for bright white shoes and soles available on the internet. This is always useful to know if you do not have the 'real' products at home.
But watch out; whatever you do, try the product first in a very small less visible area of the shoe to avoid disappointment!
The most important tips and tricks on the internet:
  • Brush stains away immediately
  • Do not wait until the stain has dried. Make sure that you always have wet wipes, such as baby wipes or make-up wipes at hand. They work perfectly because they are not too wet but still moist. Rub it on the dirty spot and then dry it.
  • Use white toothpaste
  • You can rub tricky stains with toothpaste and let them dry. Then remove the toothpaste with a damp cloth and then wipe it away completely with a dry cloth.
  • Use leather Vaseline, walnut or olive oil on leather shoes to protect and clean your leather shoes. Rub it in with a soft clean cloth.
  • Use a power sponge or a sponge suitable for leather shoes and clothing
  • Put some vinegar or mild (baby) shampoo on a clean dry cloth and polish away the stains.
  • Cif or another brand of abrasive also works well, rub your shoes with it and rinse well.
  • Try lemon juice or baking soda.
  • Use nail polish remover and a cotton ball.
  • With white nail polish you can camouflage the stain easily.
  • Never put leather shoes in the washing machine! Canvas or mesh shoes can be washed this way, but is not recommended. The washing machine motion isn’t good for your shoes, it is far better to use soap and cold water.

One last recommendation; never put your shoes out to dry in the sun, they can become discoloured! Are the shoes wet on the inside? Put kitchen paper or newspaper in them and leave to dry overnight. You can always clean your shoes thoroughly by taking care of the shoes with a wax, cream or spray.