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Good shoes for cold feet

Winter is coming and it's getting colder! Durable shoes in this cold weather are a necessity! Our Wolky shoes have a great fit and are made from great quality leather. You most likely know that we specialize in super comfortable shoes, but did you know Wolky also makes shoes for people with cold feet? These shoes have a special lining that keeps your feet warm in the winter.

Cold Winter lining

A good quality, warm lining improves the fit of a shoe and the life time of the shoe is extended. Wolky pays close attention to this specific part of each pair of shoes. The cold winter shoes from Wolky are made with just as much tender love and care as our standard models. Every cold winter lining is made of a high quality synthetic fabric. This extra layer in the shoes keep your feet nice and warm in the winter and somewhat cooler in the summer. The cold winter linings are durable, will dry quickly and are soft for a greater level of comfort.

Cold Winter Inlays

Did you just buy a standard pair of Wolky shoes but have cold feet? Wolky has a solution for this as well: the cold winter inlays. These inlays have a special synthetic layer which keeps your feet warm in the winter. They can be used in any pair of Wolky shoes with the original roll inlay and of course these inlays have a super comfortable footbed.

The CW-styles will help you get through the Winter. Order some Cold Winter Wolky’s on wolkyshop.eu today!

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