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Heel spurs

QUESTION: ''What are the best shoes for me to wear now that I am suffering from heel spurs?''

A. de Vries, Heerenveen


Sufferers of heel spurs experience pain at the bottom of their heels. They can often pin point the exact place where it hurts, but at times the pain can cover the whole area of the heel. Usually this is caused by ‘overload’, for example too much standing, walking for too long or intense exercise – many runners suffer from this condition. Obesity, poor posture or poor footwear can all be contributors to this condition.

When this occurs, the pressure on the tendon, the one from the toes to the heel, gets too much. Calcification of the heel bone starts and a pointy protuberance grows. Many people may have radiographic visible heel spurs yet have no pain or complaints. Usually the pain arises when the tissue becomes inflamed or irritated. This can be very painful indeed, especially first thing in the morning when getting up, after sitting for long periods of time, when walking or even when driving.


The best cure (or prevention) is to avoid ‘overload’ and to wear good shoes with cushioning at the heel. This will reduce the pain and at the same time take pressure away from the affected tendon so that it can start to heal. The comfortable Wolky shoes from the Roll range are highly recommended. These shoes have a resilient outsole and a strong shock absorbing insole, which provides optimal body weight distribution. The leather covered footbed is also removable, meaning that if your symptoms are severe you can replace the footbed with special insoles, made from high-tech shock absorbing materials. This will give the added relief you may need. 


  1. Avoid stiff shoes with hard soles.
  2. See your doctor or a registered chiropodist / podiatrist if you have constant complaints.
  3. Should you suffer pain whilst driving and you have cruise control, use it as much as possible.
  4. Cooling your heels with ice will give temporary relief.
  5. If you google “heel spurs”, you will find many sites which provide information, along with sites offering the supply of springy shoes with cushioning at the heel and / or special insoles.

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