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QUESTION: I am a diabetic. What should I pay attention to when buying shoes?
B. Wals, Landsmeer


You are asking a very important question as diabetes does have a profound effect on the feet. Due to the diabetes blood vessels and nerves in the feet may get damaged. This could lead to a loss of sensation in the feet often described as “dead feet”. This results in you not being able to feel any pain and therefore pinching or rubbing of the feet could go undetected. This will result in getting blisters and sores, which if left unnoticed could get infected. It is therefore advisable that extra care needs to be taken and regular check-ups are advised.


We recommend that you wear shoes which are made of soft, flexible leather with minimal stitching. The inside of the shoe should be as smooth and soft as possible. We recommend that you choose shoes made from leather, as this natural product breathes and absorbs perspiration keeping your feet dry. A flexible rubber sole can also be very comfortable. However the most important thing is that the shoe is the perfect fit. It should fit like a glove! Make sure your feet do not slide around in them. It is best that you have approx. 1cm of extra space around the toe area to allow for movement whilst walking. Don’t let anyone tell you that the shoes will stretch length ways. They will not. We advise that you try on new shoes towards the end of the afternoon as your feet will be a little more swollen. Take your time whilst trying new shoes to ensure they fit correctly or if you are in doubt seek advice in one of our shops.


  1. Take extra care of your feet by moisturizing them using a foot lotion or oil.
  2. Foot exercising will help with blood circulation.
  3. We recommend that you alternate shoes every other day to give them a chance to exhale any moisture.

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