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Perspering feet

QUESTION: "What can I do about sweaty feet?"

F. de Bruijn, Amsterdam


Having sweaty feet is completely normal. After all feet are very hard working! On average feet can produce a shot glass of sweat a day, and sometimes more. Causes for this can range from heat, exercise, if taking medication or simply is heredity. Certain socks and shoes can have an impact too. Plastic footwear, which is becoming more and more common now and can hardly be differentiated from leather, are hotbeds for creating sweaty feet. You may as well be wearing plastic bags. Shoes with nylon lining, shoes which close tightly (safety shoes) and rubber boots stop the feet from breathing and moisture can’t evaporate.

In these types of footwear, the sweat will gather and starts to form skin flakes, and will become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, especially if it is hot inside the shoe/boot. This bacteria will rapidly multiply and start to cause sweaty smelling feet, which normally would be odourless. 


With this information in mind, it is logical that leather shoes with a leather lining is the best in preventing sweaty feet and therefore our top recommendation. You can find out if the shoes are 100% leather via the label put on the inside of all shoes. Open shoes like sandals and flip-flops are most ventilating, keeping your feet cool. Furthermore, washing feet frequently will help in preventing odour. Use an antibacterial soap or splash of white vinegar (bacteria can’t withstand the acidity). Make sure the feet are totally dry before putting on stocks or stockings. The most comfortable are either cotton or wool, as they are natural, strong and moisture absorbent. Avoid man-made fibres. You can also use talcum powder (to help keep feet dry), special foot deodorants or antibacterial insoles to help keep odour at bay.


  1. Change your shoes daily to allow the worn shoe to dry.
  2. Wear clean socks every day and sprinkle some talcum powder in to them.
  3. If you buy shoes with a removable footbed, buy two sets to allow for daily rotation.
  4. Don’t place your shoes near central heating as this will dry out the leather causing them to split. If this has happened treat your shoes with a high quality shoe cream.

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