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It’s time for your feet!

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Do you look after your feet?

Soft feet

One of the biggest gripes and visible problems with feet can be calluses, which are often found below the ball of the foot. However, calluses can also appear between the toes and under the heel as dry, rough skin. To help improve the problem of calluses, soak your feet daily in warm/hot water. Add some lavender or bath oil to enrich the experience. The skin should get softer, use a pumice stone or foot file and scrub your calluses. Dry your feet using a rough towel.

Nutritious care

To get delightfully soft feet use a foot cream. There are many special, extra nutritious creams available for your feet. They often smell sensational and can be used to give your feet that well deserved foot massage. A great way of maintaining super soft feet and here’s a bit of a ‘golden-oldie’ tip. Prior to going to bed massage your feet with Vaseline followed by putting on a thin cotton sock for the night. The warmth generated by your feet will absorb the moisturising elements from the Vaseline leaving your feet soft and smooth.  

Relaxing foot massage

For a great foot massage, rub plenty of cream or massage oil into your hand to warm it up. Gently loosen up your feet by shaking them. Sit comfortable either on the floor or on a chair ensuring you can easily reach your feet. Then start to knead the soles of the feet softly, gently increasing the pressure. Using the tips of your fingers make circular movements. Using the thumb put pressure down below the tip of each toe and massage this spot.

Once this area of the feet feels relaxed make the same movements all over the base of your feet. Slowly making your way to the legs and then up to the knees. Then using both hands, move them from your feet to your knees and back again using a light pressure.
To experience the optimal foot massage, ask your partner to do this massage using the instructions highlighted here. Or failing that ask for a reflexology foot massage from a professionally trained masseur.

Help: Fungal nails!

An unpleasant and unsightly foot problem is that of ‘fungal’ nails. This simply means that the nail has thickened and discoloured and may become more brittle. Should this happen use a fungus-neutralising medication. There are many different types of such medications available, but the sooner the treatment starts the better. When the infection has cleared up why not consider treating yourself to a pedicure to restore your nails to their former glory!

Beautiful nails

Before painting your nails soften up the cuticles with a little oil. Then file your nails, but remember to file in just one direction to avoid the nails from splitting. Clean your feet and toe nails with some soapy water and acetone before polishing, as the nail polish will not take on greasy nails. Start by painting each nail with a transparent base layer to protect the nail from discolouration. Once dried start to paint your nails with your chosen colour. Apply smoothly from just below the cuticle. Start with one stripe in the centre of the nail and work your way to the sides. If you should make a mistake simply use a little acetone to wipe away the imperfection. Once the first layer has dried add a second top layer. This top layer, or coating, will protect the nail polish from damage.

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