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Maintenance advise

Do you want to enjoy your Wolky shoes for as long as possible? Read our tips to find out how to maintain the quality of your shoes. 

Tip 1: Good protection is the base of shoe care

With good protection you’ll be able to enjoy your shoes for a longer time. Treat your shoes regularly against moisture and dirt; they can permantenly damage the look and flexibility of your shoes.

Tip 2: Read the instructions before using the maintenance product

Before you get to work with your maintenance product read the instructions on the package. Make sure the shoes are dry and clean. Don’t use the creams excessively. Excessive usage leads to the leather closing up. Which makes it unable to breathe.

Tip 4: Use the right product with the right material

Your shoes can be made out of some other material than leather. Always use the right maintenance product for synthetic- or materials like patent leather. For natural materials it’s important to regularly give them the right sustenance to keep them in perfect condition.

Tip 4: Logical thinking

Whenever possible, use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. Make sure you do not step on the back of your shoe and always completely loosen the laces, zippers or buckles. After wearing your shoes immediately apply a shoe- or boots tensioner. That way the original shape of the product will be preserved better.

Tip 5: Wet shoes

Never dry your shoes near a heatsource or in a confined space. Your shoes will become stiff and might crack. Dry them in the fresh (outside air) with a shoe tensioner or fill them with a newspaper or kitchen towel; your shoes will retain their correct shape.

Tip 6: Alternation

Regularly alternate between your shoes, that way transpiration moisture can evaporate. Leather shoes are best stored in a dry and well ventilated area in a shoebag, or in a shoebox. When your shoes have to be repaired contact a professional shoemaker.